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Rider Awareness NT (RANT) is a group of dedicated volunteers committed to improved safety for all riders in the NT.

Rider Awareness NT Agenda

Rider Training

Rider Awareness is calling on the Northern Territory Government to URGENTLY review motorcycle rider training in NT and establish a rider licensing scheme comparable to interstate programmes which are recognised as best practice and reduce barriers to obtaining training with improved affordability and regional accessibility. For further information please see our full Priority Agenda.

Motor Accident Compensation Scheme

Rider Awareness NT is calling on the Northern Territory Government to URGENTLY review CTP pricing for motorcyclists and establish a more equitable, evidence based pricing model with transparency of calculation methodology and data to substantiate pricing. For further information please see our full Priority Agenda.

Lane Filtering

There is currently a high level of uncertainty and confusion amongst motorcyclists and other road users regarding lane filtering and Rider Awareness NT is calling on the NTG to URGENTLY review current laws and introduce legislation to legalise lane filtering in the NT. For further information please see our full Priority Agenda.


Road Trauma Statistical Data and Reporting

Rider Awareness is calling on the Northern Territory Government to compile and make available a regular and more comprehensive suite of reports similar to that of other jurisdictions. For further information please see our full Priority Agenda.

Proudly sponsored by the Northern Territory Government. Website funded by the Road Safety Community Grants Program.


Annual Rider Awareness Week

Every year in September / October RANT holds an awareness raising week for motorcycle riders. The aim is to increase general public awareness of us as vulnerable road users, with specific safety related concerns and issues. Print and radio promotions are supplied by the NTG road safety group, a rider safety event at a local bike dealership and a memorial ride are some of the week’s activities.

Annual Toy Run

RANT has always supported this important national charity run in Darwin. It happens on the first Saturday afternoon every December, departing from NT Motorcycle Centre and finishing at the Darwin North RSL. Riders are asked to decorate their bikes and donate a gift to the Salvation Army. There are prizes for best turned out bike and RANT donates a cash cheque each year. With over 200 bikes attending, this is Darwin’s largest bike rally and social event and a great way to meet other local riders.

Wet Season Riding Tips!

Increase following distance & beware of tailgaters

Don’t just increase your following distance; make sure you pay attention to any vehicles behind you in case they are getting too close. If they don’t back off, play it safe and move over to let them pass.

Be prepared

Always try to have wet weather gear with you in the wet season. It won’t always keep you completely dry but being soaked to the bone can be a major distraction to riders when they need to concentrate most.

Keep your visor clean

A clean visor will shed water easier than a dirty one will. Doing frequent head checks can also help the water to bead and run off your visor.

Be visible

Everyone knows it’s harder to see in the rain, and even harder to see motorcycles. It can be a good idea to have bright coloured wet weather gear to make you more visible when it’s most needed.

Avoid puddles

Be wary of riding through puddles and pools of water, they could be hiding pot holes or patches of gravel.

Avoid road markings

Painted road markings can get very slippery in wet weather. To avoid losing traction minimise time spent riding on them in the wet and avoid them when breaking or going around corners.

Monthly Agenda

Next Ride

Newbie/learner ride Saturday

Caltex Berrimah

Arrive 1630hrs Leave 1700hrs

Next Event


Next Meeting

Monday 9th January

AANT Knuckey St


Membership Benefits

Have Your Say, RANT 

Membership means you can have your motorcycling concerns and issues practically addressed via appropriate and influential channels. RANT regularly meets with the NT Government’s Road Safety Group, and has often met with other road user groups, the Transport Minister, and consulted with Darwin City Council on matters that relate to motorcycles. 

Improve Your Riding

Exposure to the issues RANT regularly addresses, access to up to date research on riding attitudes, road crashes and protective clothing will encourage a safe, incident-free riding and driving life.

Stay up to Date on Changes to Motorcycles Rules/Legislation

Legislation and legalities concerning motorcycles and riding change regularly. RANT, via membership to the AMC (Australian Motorcycling Council) ensures that this information is available to riders.

Be an Active Member of the Wider NT Community

By being an active advocate for motorcycling you influence your family and friends to become more aware of riders. You can take your passion for riding and make it a useful tool in changing your community for the better!


Meet Like Minded Riders

By participating in regular social rides, monthly meetings, various motorcycling events and RANT fundraisers you can enjoy the social aspect of riding with like-minded riders. RANT has an active face book community that can lead to other rider groups in the NT that share your passion.

Membership Application & Renewal

Cost:  $5/year

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